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Celebration Candles

When we look back on the experiences that shape our lives, we won’t remember the days – only the moments. And always, when we remember those moments, we remember where we were when they occurred.

Last year, almost 2 million people attended events where Celebration Candles were used. What do they remember about those events? They remember when they lit the candles.

They remember their hearts swelling with pride as they lit their candles along the torch relay route of the last  Olympic Games. They remember Pope John Paul's words of love as he lit the first candles at World Youth Day.

They recall the tears of sorrow shared in their community as they lit candles of remembrance at the 9/11 memorial they attended in September. And they remember the magic and romance as the flickering candles glowed at their town's annual Christmas Light Up ceremony.

And while these events took place for the most part in crowds of people, the memories are as individual as we all are. That's why the pictures you'll see on these pages are often of individuals. They were making memories and we were there to help.

The pictures and comments you will see here have kindly been sent to us by our clients. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do! Please phone or e-mail us soon. We want to help you make memories with your events, too.

Each Newville Celebration Candle includes a non-flammable cup that:
Protects the candle flame from contact with other objects
Is a wind protector shielding the flame from drafts and breezes
Is a drip protector keeping hands and clothes safe from wax
Adds color and beauty to your event

Since 1988 more than 20 million Celebration Candles have been sold around the world. At Newville we are proud of the safety record held by our Celebration Candles throughout these years.

Celebration Candle Cups are made of non-flammable plastic. The cups are specially designed to hold the candle securely, to protect the flame from breezes or contact with other objects, and to keep hands and clothes safe from dripping wax.

Celebration Candles have been laboratory tested by the federal government. Flammability of the cup was tested with scientific methodology using a Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). Newville Candles' Celebration Candles were found to have an LOI that well exceeds the requirements. They also meet the requirements for non-flammability of the International Fire Code (2000).